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Irving, TX

A man smiling after a dental bonding treatment at HomeTown Dental at Irving in Irving, TXAt HomeTown Dental at Irving we can help you create a beautiful smile with a range of cosmetic dentistry options, including dental bonding. An effective method of transforming damaged teeth. Tooth bonding is a simple solution that can be carried out in one visit.

What Is Bonding?

Bonding is a procedure that applies a tooth-colored resin to the tooth to improve its appearance if it is discolored, cracked, or chipped. Bonding can also be used if you have a gap between your teeth. This procedure eliminates having to undergo time-consuming, and expensive orthodontic treatment.

This procedure differs from porcelain veneers because it is intended to repair small cracks or chips, rather than cover the whole tooth. It is considerably less expensive than veneers because the material is not as hard-wearing as veneers and does not have the same translucent quality.

What Is the Process for Bonding?

We will need to confirm that you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic bonding. If you have a crooked smile, the treatment will not correct it and we will help you to consider other treatments that will fix this issue. It is also necessary for you to have healthy teeth that aren’t decayed, without any signs of active gum disease.

We will first select a suitable shade for your tooth using a shade guide. The tooth is prepared by lightly roughening the surface and painting a conditioning liquid on it to ensure the bonding material adheres to it readily. Next, the resin is applied to the tooth and molded into shape. Using a laser or ultraviolet light, the material is hardened. Once set, the dentist completes the procedure with additional shaping and polishing.

How Long Does Bonding Take?

Each tooth typically takes between 30 to 60 minutes. If you need bonding for multiple teeth, it will take longer, and we may recommend that you complete your treatment over several visits.

Tooth bonding is pain-free. You will not require anesthesia and there is no drilling of the natural teeth so you can carry on with your normal activities after your treatment.

Do Bonded Teeth Require Special Care?

The material used for bonding is prone to staining. We advise that you do not consume foods or drinks that can stain, including tea, coffee, and red wine for 48 hours following the procedure.

It is imperative you maintain good oral hygiene habits like brushing your teeth and flossing twice daily. Be aware of how often you consume substances that may cause staining, and if possible, rinse your mouth with water afterward if you cannot clean your teeth.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Bear in mind that dental bonding material is not as strong as your natural teeth. Eating hard, sticky foods or candy could damage the bonding, as will habits, including nail-biting and grinding teeth. If you do suffer from teeth grinding, then dental bonding may not be an appropriate treatment for you.

With good care, dental bonding should last for between five and ten years. It should look and feel like natural teeth, but when the bonding needs to be replaced you may notice differences in how it looks and feels.

Call us on (469) 599-2020 to find out more about dental bonding at HomeTown Dental at Irving.

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