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Dental Cleanings
Irving, TX

Smiling woman talking to dentist during cleaning at HomeTown Dental at Irving in Irving, TX Teeth cleanings with our dentists at will not only give you that squeaky-clean freshness but is an essential part of an effective preventive care regime. The focus on preventive dentistry is to stop the disease, and with the right approach, your mouth will remain healthy and disease-free.

Preventive dentistry includes a range of actions you can take yourself, such as brushing and flossing twice daily, as well as eating a healthy diet. Cleaning teeth is one of the simplest ways of maintaining oral health.

Brushing and flossing help to remove food debris and sticky deposits caused by sugars and starches that attract acid-producing bacteria. The acid they produce wears away tooth enamel, causing decay, and irritates gums. Gum disease may follow, and if no remedial action is taken, gum disease, which is curable, may advance to the more severe periodontitis. Periodontitis is the stage of gum disease that destroys the mouth's soft tissues and jawbone, inevitably leading to tooth loss.

Any home oral hygiene regime should be supplemented with regular visits to the dentist for dental exams and professional teeth cleaning. Over time, the sticky film that bacteria leave on the teeth (plaque) hardens into tartar (calculus), leaving a yellowish, chalky deposit, particularly on the bottom of the teeth at the gumline. This is difficult to remove at home, requiring the expertise of a dentist or hygienist to remove it.

Professional teeth cleaning with us consists of a physical examination and scaling and polishing. Both of these should be conducted every six months when you go in for your check-ups. Regular visits, fluoride treatments and proper home dental care are key for reducing the future need for fillings, dental crowns, and root canals.

A Physical Examination

Following a consultation where you can discuss with the dentist any health concerns you have, your mouth will then be examined. We will check for signs of tooth decay, gum problems, or other diseases and we may take digital x-rays.

Scale and Polish

The next step is to remove stains and deposits from the surface of the teeth, in between them, and at the gum margins. Large deposits of tartar are removed with an ultrasonic scraper, followed by a manual scaling tool to scrape away any persistent remains.
If you regularly have teeth cleanings with us, it is likely that this process will be reasonably quick. However, if you have a build-up of tartar this will take longer.

Once the deposits of tartar are removed, the teeth are polished and made smooth, which discourages bacteria from adhering to the surface of the teeth. A high-powered toothbrush is used to scrub the teeth with gritty toothpaste, and the teeth are polished to produce a shiny, smooth surface.

The final step is for you to rinse your mouth to remove any debris and grit. We will then protect the teeth with an application of fluoride.

How Often Should I Have Teeth Cleanings?

At a minimum, it is usually recommended that you should have professional teeth cleaning twice a year. However, this very much depends on several issues, such as your oral hygiene regime, whether you have gum or periodontal disease, and your predisposition to oral health problems. You may be advised by the dentist to attend more or less regularly.

Call us at (469) 599-2020 to find out more, or to schedule, an appointment at HomeTown Dental at Irving for professional teeth cleaning.

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A dental cleaning is performed by a dental professional in our HomeTown Dental at Irving office to keep gums healthy and clean. Call us today!
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