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Dentistry for Kids
Irving, TX

A young girl practicing brushing her teeth at HomeTown Dental at Irving in Irving, TXHomeTown Dental at Irving gives your child the best start in life with friendly, approachable staff who are experts in providing dentistry for kids. We know that your child's first visits to the dentist will color their experience for the rest of their life. We want to ensure that we make your child's first visit as stress-free as possible in order to give them the confidence to look after their teeth for a lifetime.

Dentistry for kids should primarily concentrate on prevention. By ensuring that their teeth are healthy, visits to the dentist should not be fraught with anxiety as appointments should not entail much more than a rudimentary exam. Thus, it is imperative that you start oral hygiene measures early at home.

As soon as your child's first tooth is starting to show, get them used to a toothbrush, and it is a good idea at this point to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists. The goal is to get your child used to oral healthcare and to see going to the dentist as a non-threatening experience. This is important when establishing good dental habits for your child.

Your Child's First Visit to the Dentist

It is crucial that you don't transfer any dental phobias you may have about dentists to your child but do talk to us about it if you are feeling anxious. We want to prepare your child for a lifetime of dentist visits without any negative feelings toward seeing a dentist.

The first visit for your child should not be a long visit. Along with taking a look inside your child's mouth, we can also give you information about tooth decay, teething, and habits, such as finger-sucking and pacifiers.

Monitoring Your Child's Development

As your child grows, observing the development of their dentition and monitoring their oral hygiene is an essential part of our role. With good habits and regular visits to us, your child can avoid dental diseases, such as tooth decay, which will require treatment.

If more complex treatments are required as your child gets older, such as buried teeth or missing teeth, we have the specialized knowledge to deliver the treatments required to keep your child's development on track.

When your child becomes a teenager and they undoubtedly increase their intake of sugary snacks and drinks, we are there to help them understand how this can impact their dental health, and the steps they can take to minimize any problems that may develop . Inevitably, as teenagers, they start to become aware of their appearance and we can address problems they may be anxious about, such as teeth straightening.

Orthodontics (braces) is a common treatment for teenagers to improve the look and function of their smile. These days there is a range of braces and retainers to help them achieve a confident, healthy smile.


Tooth injuries in babies and children are not uncommon. Falling down when learning to walk, playing with friends, or taking part in sports are all potential hazards that may damage teeth. Although most injuries are superficial and likely to cause no lasting damage, you should make an appointment to see us so we can assess the situation and reassure both you and your child.

HomeTown Dental at Irving offers dentistry for kids of all ages. Give us a call on (469) 599-2020 to find out more.

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We here at HomeTown Dental are committed to helping you and your children prevent the development of common dental problems. Call us today to schedule your appointment!
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