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Irving, TX

doctor examining xray with patient at HomeTown Dental at Irving in Irving, TXOur team at HomeTown Dental at Irving is constantly aspiring to give our patients first-class dental care. Through continuing education and investing in advanced technology, we are investing in your long-term oral health. Dr. Williams, along with our team, understands that using updated technology leads to more informed decision-making. We want our patients to see and understand their options before making decisions in their oral health. Our tools can help make problem areas visible and clear; this allows us to engage in better communication and provides the patient with greater understanding.

Dental tools, like all areas of technology, have seen a vast wave of digital information, expanding what we can see, know, and understand when examining areas of your mouth. We find that digital technology improves communication, allows for dentists to collaborate, and since all information is stored online versus the traditional yellow file folder, your information is never confused or lost. Some of the latest technology that we have incorporated includes:

3D Cone Beam Imaging

At HomeTown Dental at Irving, our surgical office features the latest in state-of-the-art dental technology, including the use of 3D imaging and digital impressions. Our 3D cone beam imaging system produces a 3D scan of computer-generated images. Other X-ray formats are flat, but with 3D images, we can turn, seeing a full detailed view of teeth, bone, nerves, tissue, and any possible problems. Through this technology, we can support a high level of patient care. Dr. Williams can walk you through this valuable and critical information before a surgical procedure.

Using 3D imaging technology, we can provide our patients with a comprehensive evaluation and detailed consultation. Patients who can see clear information can make more thorough and thoughtful decisions. These images will help us:

•  Examine Bone:Dr. Williams can evaluate the shape and density of the jaw bone. This information is vital before the placement of dental implants. Patients who have suffered gum disease and tooth loss frequently lose considerable bone mass. We can rebuild this mass through a simple bone graft procedure.
•  Better Communicate Trouble Areas:Patients may feel confused and wonder how necessary treatment may be. By seeing the damage or problem area, they have the resources to make a better-informed decision.
•  Comprehensive Evaluation: A comprehensive, or complete, examination does more than show your current status, it allows Dr. Williams to make predictions on the changes that will occur. A missing tooth now can have some dire effects in the future. We can determine the potential for those effects.

Digital Radiographs

Any dentist will tell you that X-rays are their greatest tool. The oral cavity consists of many layers, many of them that can not be seen, or easily seen. Modern technology has taken a huge leap forward with digital X-rays. Digital X-rays, or radiology, has become an industry standard in dentistry, and the reasoning is clear. The days of tiny X-ray slides that are grainy and easily lost are gone. Digital X-rays are a far superior tool in every way.

With digital X-rays, our team at HomeTown Dental at Irving provide our patients with many benefits, including:

•  Large, Clear Images:Digital radiography are high resolution images that can be seen on a computer screen next to your chair. We can zoom in on problem areas or view the function of an entire area.
•  Save and Share:Digital images are saved in your online file, not in a folder. We will never lose your images. If we need to collaborate with another dentist or surgeon, or if you should request your images to be sent to another office, we can simply email the images directly, no passing off of slides.
•  Less Radiation:Though the level of radiation from traditional X-rays was within an acceptable range to the ADA, the level of radiation in digital images is even considerably less, up to 90% less.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Gum disease, ranging from gingivitis to chronic periodontitis, is common in most adults. This means that the soft gum tissue has become irritated and inflamed. Before your dental cleaning, the hygienist will track and measure your gum pockets. Gum pockets are made when the gums pull away from the teeth as an effort to pull away from the source that is infecting them. If the gum pockets exceed 3mm in depth, the hygienist may recommend a dental cleaning using the ultrasonic scaler. This device blasts a directed stream of oxygenated bubbles at your teeth and along the gum line. This stream is designed to loosen and remove hardened plaque, or tartar, along with any decay-causing bacteria or other debris. By doing this, we are working to remove the source of infection and allow your gums to heal.

Some patients may find the process of using the ultrasonic scaler to be uncomfortable; we can apply a local anesthetic as needed. Once the problematic material is removed, we can then check the area using a hand scaler, and then proceed to smooth the roots. Smoothing the roots will initiate a healing response from the gum tissue, helping the gum tissue reattach to the teeth and make it more difficult for tartar to reattach.

Dental Technology

Our team at HomeTown Dental at Irving can help you look and feel healthier. There are so many tools that we now have available to us, from laser technology to the advancements in dental implant placement precision. Dentistry has come a long way. Other tools that we offer include:

•  Intraoral Camera:this toothbrush sized tool allows us to show our patients in real time areas that need to be discussed.
•  Blue Light Laser:Using a blue light laser, we can harden composite fillings, and dental cement, quickly and easily. This means that you are ready to go by the time you leave our chair.

We would love to discuss our range of tools and technology that we provide our patients. For more information, contact HomeTown Dental at Irving at our Irving location. (469) 599-2020

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Through continuing education and investing in advanced technology, we are investing in your long-term oral health. Click here to learn more about it today!
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