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Mouthguards (Sports)

Image of a mouthgaurdSpeak to us at about sports mouthguards if you want to protect your teeth from damage while involved in activities that could cause trauma to your teeth. If you are playing sports or taking part in activities where body contact or equipment may cause an injury to the mouth, a custom-made sports guard is essential.

An important piece of equipment that is crucial, a mouthguard can save your teeth from serious damage if you participate in football, cycling, baseball, soccer, skateboarding, hockey, and much more. Typically covering the upper teeth, they can protect against injuries to the mouth, such as cut lips or a dislocated jaw, as well as safeguarding your teeth from a dental emergency. If you have prosthodontics, such as a bridge, on your lower teeth, you may need protection for these too.

What Is the Benefit of a Custom-Made Sports Guard?

While there are cheaper sports guards available, some tend to be rather flimsy and thin and do not offer a great deal of protection. These mouthguards are not custom-made and can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. A made-to-measure mouthguard fits over your teeth properly and comfortably, providing you with the best protection for your teeth, gums, and jaw.

What Is the Process for Obtaining a Mouthguard at the Dentist?

It typically requires two appointments with us to receive your sports guard. At your first appointment, we will take impressions of your mouth. From these, a plaster cast model of the inside of your mouth is made and sent to an offsite laboratory. Using this model, a lab technician will create your mouthguard for a custom fit.

Once we receive the mouthguard back from the lab you can come back and see us pick it up. We will, of course, check it for fit and make any minor adjustments for a perfect fit.

How Do I Look After My Sports Guard?

It is important to look after your mouthguard to ensure it lasts for as long as possible, and to protect your mouth from being exposed to germs from an unhygienic appliance. Thus, you will need to clean it after use. If you cannot clean it immediately, you should rinse it in water (not hot) to remove saliva and let it dry before storing it in its protective case.

While the dentist will give you specific instructions on how to clean your mouthguard, some general tips may be helpful to you. Toothpaste is great for cleaning teeth but less so for cleaning mouthguards. It is too abrasive and will scratch the shiny surface of the mouthguard turning it dull. In turn, it may feel less comfortable to wear, and as the tiny scratches are hospitable to bacteria it is best to find another solution for keeping your mouthguard clean.

Soaking the mouthguard in an antimicrobial solution is a good option, as are using denture cleaning tablets. In fact, there are now similar tablets marketed specifically for mouthguards. There is also nothing wrong with using good, old-fashioned soap and water - although it won't give you that minty, fresh taste, and you’ll need to be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid a soapy-taste in your mouth.

Find out how HomeTown Dental at Irving can help you with a custom-fitted sports mouthguard. Get in touch with us on (682) 204-5777.

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